CPA 10000 series is professional power amplifier with processor function. We all know that regular sound reinforcement system usually consists of processor with pure composition and amplifier. The biggest feature of the series amplifiers: the DSP audio processing function, media matrix function, power amplifier function that blend together perfectly. Especially suitable for small and medium-sized sound reinforcement places, it not only meets the audio designer for sound reinforcement requirement on site, but also cost savings. From the view of technology, CPA 10000 with 4 input / 4 output, 24-bit digital audio processing system, each channel can be adjusted independently, can be set to mono or stereo mode between the input and output channels, as well as the program memory function, convenient for system designers to select space. From the view of using, this series amplifier operation is very flexible, the panel with the luxury 2X20 character displays, both beautiful and easy manual operation on the panel, and also can be used to control software debugging on your computer. The series adopts an adjustable switching power supply, and pure copper radiator to make it more stable, reliable and durable. Small size, high power, providing total output 10000 W (4 x 2500 W of power) in the case of 2-ohm loading.



Fixed installation project for advanced entertainment, night club, disco etc. Sound reinforcement systems for business HI club, bar and club.

Model  CPA-10000

Rated Power 

8ΩStereo Power              1300W×4

4ΩStereo Power              2200W×4

2ΩBridged Power             2400W×4

8ΩBridged Power             4400W×4

2ΩBridged Power             4800W×4


Frequency Response            20Hz-20kHz,+0-1dB(at 1Watt)

THD+N                      <0.05%,20KHz-20kHz

Intermodulation Distortion 60Hz and 7 KHz at 4:1 from full ratedoutput to -30dB    =/= <0.35%

Slew Rate                   >20/μs

Voltage Gain                 37.8dB

Damping Factor (8 ohms) 10Hz-400Hz  >200

Signal-to-Noise Ratio(below ratedpower,20Hz to 20kHz, A-weighted Crosstalk(below rated power)                         >100dB

Crosstalk(below rated power)      

At 1kHz                         -75dB

At 20KHz                       -58dB          

Input Sensitivity for full Rated power at 8ΩInput Impedance(nominal)      0.775vor1.4V

Balanced                     20k ohms

Unbalanced                   10k ohms


Protection           protection against short circuits, no-load ,on/off muting ,RF interference

Ventilation          Flow-through ventilation from front to back

Cooling     Intermal heat sinks with forced air、fan cooled、speed regulated、thermal protection

Power cord specification       Plug:10A.250V Wire:3×1.0mm

Chassis size(unit mm)     482×227×90

Net weight              16kg



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